Halloween Book Covers Tag

Hi Friend’s! I am here with another Halloween tag that I found and thought it looked like fun! I found this one on Kristin Kraves Books and the tag was originally created by Kit @ Metaphors and Moonlight.  Skull/Skeleton/Bones  Pumpkin Blood  Spider, Bats, or other Creepy Creatures   Something Witchy   Severed Body Part   Full Moon  Cemetery  Haunted house  GhostContinue reading “Halloween Book Covers Tag”

Get To Know The Fantasy Reader Book Tag

I saw this a couple of weeks ago on Kristen Kraves Books and her post can be seen here. Rules Make sure you give credit to the original creators of this tag – this tag was originally created by Bree Hill. If you want to, pingback to the post you first saw this tag. Have fun! 1. WhatContinue reading “Get To Know The Fantasy Reader Book Tag”

Mid Year Book Freakout Tag

Hello Friends! I am here today with a tag, unfortunately I am not sure who the originator is but I found it on Youtube. If you like tags then consider our self tagged! –The Questions– 1. Best book you’ve read so far in 2022 – I always find this to be a hard question becauseContinue reading “Mid Year Book Freakout Tag”

The Quarter Year Crisis Book Tag

I saw this on Heather from Bookables youtube channel and the Original Tag was created by @Roisin’s Reading and can be seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rakA… Questions: How many books have you read so far? 67 so far. Have you already found a book you think might be a 2022 favorite? I don’t usually pick a favoriteContinue reading “The Quarter Year Crisis Book Tag”

The Spring TBR Book Tag

Happy Tag Thursday!! I Found this one on Sara Letourneau’s blog while searching for a tag to do today and thought it looked fun. 1. What’s on your Spring TBR list? Crowbones, The Wedding Crasher, Ten Trends To Seduce Your Best Friend, Book Lovers, Something Wilder, Adult Assembly Required, Tear Down The Throne, Everything ForContinue reading “The Spring TBR Book Tag”

Three Bookish Things Book Tag

Hi Friends! I saw this tag over on Kira’s blog and thought it looked like a fun one! Hope you enjoy it, let me know your thoughts below in the comments! Three Authors I have Read Once and Loved Libby Hubscher – I read her debut and just picked up her newest book and IContinue reading “Three Bookish Things Book Tag”