Thanksgiving Book Tag

I wanted to do a tag for Thanksgiving and I found this one and it looked like fun. I hope everyone who celebrates this holiday has a great one and if not I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

The Rules

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Give credit to the author (Annasbooknook)
  3. Answer the prompts
  4. Tag others if you desire!

A Book With Characters That Feel Like Family

The Winston’s are one of my all time favorite fictional families and I love them all so much!! I would love to have Thanksgiving with them and have a Banana Cake for dessert!

A Book That Fell Flat (Didn’t Meet Your Expectations)

After loving book 1 I had high hoped for book2 but it did not live it up to it.

A Book You Want To Read Every Year During This Season

I don’t really do this, I like to read seasonally but there is not one book that I always pick up. I do like to pick up fantasy though during this time of the year.


A Book With A Bird In It

This book follows Sorcha as she has to fight a curse that has turned her brothers into swans. I talk about this one all the time and highly recommend it.

A Book That Made Your Eyes Glaze Over (Boring)

So boring!! Thats it nothing else to add.

A Book That Melted Your Heart And Made You Feel Warm

This entire series gives me warm feelings but Ren in this book is so sweet!!

A Book With A White Cover

I love the simplicity of this cover.

A Book You’re Not Totally Sure Why You Love, But You Do

This book has the one thing in it that will make me instantly DNF a book but for whatever reason I kept reading it and turned out to be a very enjoyable read for me.

A Dessert Book That You Love

I took this prompt to me a book that is so sweet it and this book fills that for me. I love Oliver and Gavin so much!

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