Reading Round Up: August Part 1

Hello friends! I feel like I am already doing well for August by having my first round up ready for the month! I have been mixing my reading up with ARCs, re-reads and random books that I am finding. Im hoping to get through a lot of my ARCs this month so I can moodContinue reading “Reading Round Up: August Part 1”

July Reading Stats

Hi Friends! I am here with my July stats. I read 22 books which I am happy with but to be honest I thought I would have read a few more. Every July we spend around 11 days with our friends up on a lake in Minnesota and this year I only read 4 booksContinue reading “July Reading Stats”

Reading Round Up: July Part 4 Vacation Reads!

Hello Friends! Here is my last round up for July and it’s not too bad. I was hoping to get more read on my vacation but I was too busy having fun and didn’t read as much as I normally do. Have you read any of these? I would love to hear your thoughts inContinue reading “Reading Round Up: July Part 4 Vacation Reads!”

Reading Round Up: July Part 3

Hi Friends! I am a little behind on my round ups as I was on vacation for the last couple of weeks but I am hoping to get caught up soon. Have you read any of these? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! She’s Up To No Good by SaraContinue reading “Reading Round Up: July Part 3”

Reading Round Up: July Part 2

Hi friends I am completely slacking on my round ups for this month! I have been on vacation since the end of last week and I am struggling to keep up! Hopefully part 3 will be up soon! Have you read any of these? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!Continue reading “Reading Round Up: July Part 2”

Reading Round Up: Summerween 2022

Hi friends! Here is my round up for my favorite read-a-thons; Summerween! This is a read-a-thon hosted by Gabby from Gabby Reads and Olivia from Oliviareadsalatte over on youtube. I endedup only reading 4 books during this time and one was a big flop for me! Read a book in the dark – I readContinue reading “Reading Round Up: Summerween 2022”

Reading Round Up: July Part 1

I have decided to start doing my round ups differently starting in July. Before I divided the month up into thirds and just did reviews for all the books I read in those 10 days. Lately it has been too much so I have been dividing each round up into two parts and I likeContinue reading “Reading Round Up: July Part 1”

Reading Round Up: June 21st -30th Part 2

Hello Friends! Here is my last round up for June! Have you read any of these? If so what were your thoughts? American Royalty by Tracey Livesay – 3 Stars American Royalty is about Duchess who is an American female rapper who gets asked to perform at a concert for the Queen of England’s lateContinue reading “Reading Round Up: June 21st -30th Part 2”

Reading Round Up: June 21st – 30th Part 1

Hi Friends! Here is part 1 of my last reading round up for June! The Change by Kirsten Miller – 4 Stars This book mixes many genres so it was hard to classify it. It is part mystery, part fantasy and part revenge story that follows three woman who after going through a change inContinue reading “Reading Round Up: June 21st – 30th Part 1”

June Reading Stats

June was a good reading month but I read so much to escape the anxiety that was taking control of me and getting lost in a book helps with that! So for June I read 27 books! I don’t think I have read more than 20 in a month but here I am with 27!Continue reading “June Reading Stats”