Reading Round Up: April Part 1

Hi Friends! I am finally here with a round up for April! My reading has been pretty slow this month. Im not sure what it is but nothing is making me WANT to read, Im enjoying the books while reading them but just have no desire to pick them right back up. Hopefully I canContinue reading “Reading Round Up: April Part 1”

March Reading Stats

Hello Friends! How was everyone’s weekend? I hope everyone had a good one! Mine was busy with kids and then Easter and Birthday celebrations with all the family yesterday, it was a good day. I am finally getting around to March reading stats! I read 13 books which I am very pleased with and forContinue reading “March Reading Stats”

Reading Round Up: March Part 3

Hi Friends! I am here (finally!) with my last round up for March. Overall March was a good reading month for me, I read my most so far for the year and had a few new favorite reads! My favorite is tied between Yours Truly and Happy Place, both were so good and exactly whatContinue reading “Reading Round Up: March Part 3”

Reading Round Up: March Part 2

Hi Friends! How was everyone’s week? Mine was good overall, it was my kids spring break so I only worked a few days and we tried to do some fun things with them. I have also been getting some good reading done and getting through some of my ARC’s! I really love how these threeContinue reading “Reading Round Up: March Part 2”

Reading Round Up: March Part 1

Hi Friends! How is everyone’s March going so far? Mine is going well, we ended hockey season for both kids but soccer immediately started for my eldest but I have small break before my youngest goes into spring hockey. My reading is also going well and I am happy with the amount as well asContinue reading “Reading Round Up: March Part 1”

February Reading Stats

Hi Friends! How was everyone’s reading in February? Mine was better than January’s but still not as good as I would have liked. Im struggling with the fact that I work pretty much full time and can no longer read the same amount of books a month that I used to. Im trying to squeezeContinue reading “February Reading Stats”

Reading Round Up: February Part 2

Hi Friends! I hope everyone had a good month in February! Mine was better than January but still not great, hopefully March is even better. In this round up I read 3 books and had 1 DNF. These three were read while I was in Florida on vacation and I read The Cuban Heiress whileContinue reading “Reading Round Up: February Part 2”

Reading Round Up: February Part 1

Ten Thousand Stitches by Olivia Atwater – 3.5 Stars This one is the follow up to Half A Soul which was one of my favorite books last year. This one wasn’t quite as good but it was still fun. I really enjoy the mix of faerie and historical context and also think that this doesn’tContinue reading “Reading Round Up: February Part 1”

January Reading Stats

Hi Friends! I read 8 books this month and am a little bummed with myself because I really wanted to get to 10 but oh well! I some obligations the first part of the month that I was trying to get through and it really slowed me down so hopefully I can mood read myContinue reading “January Reading Stats”