Mid Year Book Freakout Tag

Hello Friends! I am here today with a tag, unfortunately I am not sure who the originator is but I found it on Youtube. If you like tags than consider our self tagged! 1. Best book you’ve read so far in 2021. Romance is either Float Plan by Trisha Dollar or Twice Shy by SarahContinue reading “Mid Year Book Freakout Tag”

St. Patrick’s Day Tag

Happy Wednesday friends! After two snow/remote learning days the kids went back to school!!!! Sorry for posting two tags in a row but they both looked like fun. The original tag can be found here on Embuhleeliest‘s site. Feel free to do this one if you are so inclined. End of the rainbow: What book didContinue reading “St. Patrick’s Day Tag”

Springtime Book Tag

I saw this tag on Heather from Bookables youtube channel and I though it would be a fun easy tag to do. The original can be found on Little Wolf’s channel . How do you decorate your bookshelf? I don’t really decorate my shelves seasonally. I tend to put up what I like and keepContinue reading “Springtime Book Tag”

Winter Magic Book Tag

Hello Friends! Today I am here with the Winter Magic book tag. I saw Stephanie from Steph’s Romance Book Talk on you tube do this and thought it looked like fun. The tag was created by Amanda from @The Naughty Librarian : https://youtu.be/mYAG3o1YFbc SWEATERS/JACKETS: They protect you from the elements. Pick a book with aContinue reading “Winter Magic Book Tag”

Do I Have That Book? Romance Edition

Today I am I doing the Do I have That Book the Romance Edition! I look for books on my shelves that fit the questions. I find a lot of my tags and challenges on Steph’s youtube channel Steph’s Romance Book Talk, so naturally as I was watching this one yesterday I decided to tryContinue reading “Do I Have That Book? Romance Edition”

Romance Reader Book Tag

While I was looking for romance tags I found this one on Bree’s blog Fallingforromance I believe the original can be found at Under The Covers Books Blog. 1. What age did you start to read romance novels?  I would say somewhere in my late twenties is when I really got into romance but my firstContinue reading “Romance Reader Book Tag”