Reading Round Up: November Part 1

Hello Friends! Im a little late with my first round up for November but my house was hit with a sickness and it has taken a lot of my time. I am still in my comfort re-reads and still really enjoying them! Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs – 4 Stars Book 4 in the MercyContinue reading “Reading Round Up: November Part 1”

Reading Round Up: October Part 4 Weekendween Monster Mash!

Happy Sunday Friends! How is everyone’s going? Mine was busy yesterday but pretty lazy today and I am ok with that! This is my final round up for October and these are the books I read for Weekendween that ran from October 28-31. Let a coin toss decide your first read – Read a bookContinue reading “Reading Round Up: October Part 4 Weekendween Monster Mash!”

Reading Round Up: October Part 3

Hi Friends! This round up is a bit bigger than usual because I am going to save the books I read for Weekendween as their own round up. I had a good assortment of books this time with 4 ARCs and a good mix of genres. Have you read any of these books? If soContinue reading “Reading Round Up: October Part 3”

Reading Round Up – October Part 1

Hello Friends! Im here with my first round up for October! All 4 books I read were enjoyable in their own way but the stand out for was Spells For Forgetting, which could be one of my top faves for the year! I am also loving that all the covers matched for this round up!Continue reading “Reading Round Up – October Part 1”

Reading Round Up – September Part 3

Hello Friends! I am a little behind on my round ups for September but I should hopefully have them all done soon! Angelika Frankenstein Makes Her Match – 4 Stars This book was a lot of fun and very different from the other books I have read by this author, but I have loved thoseContinue reading “Reading Round Up – September Part 3”

Reading Round Up – September Part 2

Hi Friends! I am here with my second round up for the month. I read 5 books this tome and dnf’d 2! I really enjoyed The siren of Sussex and can’t wait to read book 2 next month! I am still in a weird mood and keep picking up books but not getting very farContinue reading “Reading Round Up – September Part 2”

Reading Round Up: September Part 1

Hello Friends! I have been a bit slower with my reading this month and having a hard time sticking with books. I keep picking them up and read a chapter or two and then put it down to start something new. Hopefully I get back into a groove soon until then here is my firstContinue reading “Reading Round Up: September Part 1”

Reading Round Up: August Part 2

Hello Friends! Here is my second round up for August and I read some pretty good books! In The Shadow Garden by Liz Parker – 5 Stars I’m not sure where to begin with this one except to say that I loved it! I love stories that have a little speculative magic in them andContinue reading “Reading Round Up: August Part 2”

Reading Round Up: July Part 2

Hi friends I am completely slacking on my round ups for this month! I have been on vacation since the end of last week and I am struggling to keep up! Hopefully part 3 will be up soon! Have you read any of these? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!Continue reading “Reading Round Up: July Part 2”

Reading Round Up: Summerween 2022

Hi friends! Here is my round up for my favorite read-a-thons; Summerween! This is a read-a-thon hosted by Gabby from Gabby Reads and Olivia from Oliviareadsalatte over on youtube. I endedup only reading 4 books during this time and one was a big flop for me! Read a book in the dark – I readContinue reading “Reading Round Up: Summerween 2022”