February Reading Stats

Hi Friends! How was everyone’s reading in February? Mine was better than January’s but still not as good as I would have liked. Im struggling with the fact that I work pretty much full time and can no longer read the same amount of books a month that I used to. Im trying to squeezeContinue reading “February Reading Stats”

January Reading Stats

Hi Friends! I read 8 books this month and am a little bummed with myself because I really wanted to get to 10 but oh well! I some obligations the first part of the month that I was trying to get through and it really slowed me down so hopefully I can mood read myContinue reading “January Reading Stats”

December Reading Stats

Hello Friends, here is my December stats! I read 13 books which was my lowest reading month this year but seeing as how I started working I am pretty happy with it. My favorite book of the month was Half A Soul, I loved the mix of fantasy and historical romance which are two ofContinue reading “December Reading Stats”

November Reading Stats

Hello Friends! I hope everyone had a great reading month in November! Mine went up and down for awhile and I had no real stand out reads. I read some good books just no new all time favorite. An Endless Fire and The Vicious Circle were probably my favorite books. What was your favorite bookContinue reading “November Reading Stats”

October Reading Stats

Hello Friends! How was everyone’s October reading? Mine started out really slow but picked up at the end of the month when I started re-reading an urban fantasy series. What was your favorite book this month? Books I read in October Genres ( I am only putting each book in what I think is theContinue reading “October Reading Stats”

September Reading Stats

Hello Friends and happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and that your October is off to a good start. If you live anywhere the hurricane has been I hope you and yours are safe. I had somewhat of a slumpy month in September, I den’d 5 books and overall really struggled withContinue reading “September Reading Stats”

August Reading Stats

Hi Friends! Here is my August Stats and I am really impressed that I read 23 books, especially because I had hit a small slump but once I figured out I just wanted more sci-fi books my reading picked up again. All of my 5 stars were fantastic reads this month and I was reallyContinue reading “August Reading Stats”

July Reading Stats

Hi Friends! I am here with my July stats. I read 22 books which I am happy with but to be honest I thought I would have read a few more. Every July we spend around 11 days with our friends up on a lake in Minnesota and this year I only read 4 booksContinue reading “July Reading Stats”

June Reading Stats

June was a good reading month but I read so much to escape the anxiety that was taking control of me and getting lost in a book helps with that! So for June I read 27 books! I don’t think I have read more than 20 in a month but here I am with 27!Continue reading “June Reading Stats”

May Reading Stats

Hi friends! May turned out to be a HUGE reading month for me, I read 25 books! I am not sure how that happened but I am ok with it! I read a good range in genres and the majority were 4-5 stars. My least favorite was Go Hex Yourself and my favorite was eitherContinue reading “May Reading Stats”