Reading Round Up: Summerween 2022

Hi friends! Here is my round up for my favorite read-a-thons; Summerween! This is a read-a-thon hosted by Gabby from Gabby Reads and Olivia from Oliviareadsalatte over on youtube. I endedup only reading 4 books during this time and one was a big flop for me!

  • Read a book in the dark – I read every night in the dark before I go to bed so all of them work
  • Read a book with Halloween colors on the cover – The Haunting of Maddy Clare
  • Read a book with haunt in the title – The Haunting of Maddy Clare
  • Read a slasher – Look What You Made Me Do
  • Bake or make a treat with your spooky read – I didn’t have time to make anything.

Look What You Made Me Do by Elaine Murphy – 3 Stars – This book follows a woman who has to help her serial killer sister clean up her messes and soon becomes the target of another killer in their small town!

Reckless Girls by Rachel Hawkins – 2 Stars After reading the Wife Upstairs last year I was really excited to read Rachel Hawkins next release, Reckless Girls. The cover and the story were really speaking to me but sadly the book was not for me. This story follows Lux and her boyfriend Nico as they are hired to take two young woman to the secluded and possibly haunted Meroe Island in the south pacific. When they arrive to the island they find that there is already a boat anchored there but soon become friends with the couple on the other boat. For days the six of them enjoy a peaceful island paradise until another boat shows up and this time the party is not a fun one. I have really enjoyed books about people sailing all over the world and just traveling from island to island and really enjoyed that aspect of this book. I also really liked the history that the author gave to the Island, in fact I spent some time googling it because I wanted to know more about it. Sadly it is not a real place but that doesn’t take away from the vibes of this book. Even though the writing was great I was just never that invested in any of the characters and the ending really left me wanting more. If you like a slower paced thriller and one that is set on a lush tropical island than I would check this one out as I think I am in the minority on this one. My disappointment with this one doesn’t diminish the fact that I think Rachel is an excellent author and I can’t wait to read her next release The Villas which comes out early 2023. Thank you St. Martin’s Press for my gifted copy for review.

The Haunting of Maddy Clare by Simone St. James – 5 Stars This was a re-read for me and I loved it just as much this time as I did the first. Simone St. James has quickly become one of my favorite authors and I will read whatever she writes! This is a paranormal mystery set in England after the first World War.

The Last To Vanish by Megan Miranda – Out 7/26 but I received a #gifted influencer copy from LibroFM. I have really enjoyed most of Megan Miranda’s books and this one is up there with my favorites of hers. This is about Abby who works at an inn in a small town in North Carolin that is on the Appalachian Trail and is famous for the people who keep going missing while there. I liked the audio for this one and would recommend listening to it! I will also be buying a copy when it comes out because I enjoyed it!

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