Reading Round Up – January 1st – 10th

Hi Friends! How is everyone’s reading and just general life going so far in January? Now that covid has left my house we are doing so much better! I did get in some great reading so far and I am hoping to continue for the rest of the month but we shall see.

Only When It’s Us by Chloe Liese – 4.5 Stars This was a re-read for me, I think it was my third time! I love all the Bergman books but I think my favorites are this one and the second one which I will be re-reading as well in the upcoming months. You can see my original review here or my first re-read review here. Needless to say I highly recommend this book.

The Family You Make by Jill Shalvis – 3 Stars Happy Pub Day!!  I always love Jill Shalvis’s books, they are such comfort reads especially when you are stuck inside with Covid.  I really enjoyed this story about two friends and the found family they make.  Our main story line follows Jane who is a traveling nurse and is stranded on a ski lift in Utah with Levi when the lift in front of them suddenly falls to the ground.  This near death experience prompts Jane to come out of her tight shell she has wrapped around herself to not only let Levi in but other new friends as well.  This book begins a new series and I am excited to continue on with it and see where she goes next.  While this book did have some heavier topics I felt like overall this was still a more mellow read.  If you have enjoyed her books in the past then I think you will like this one too!  Thank you William Marrow for my #gifted copy for review!

Love and Other Disasters by – 4 Stars This was such a fun read and I loved both characters so much! This is a sunshine and grump trope which is one of my favorites!! We follow Dahlia who is recently divorced and trying to move on with her life when she gets picked for a cooking competition show. Her first day on set she meets London and the two have a memorable meet cute! London is picked for the show and just wants to keep their head down and win the show so they can start a non-profit to help LGBTQ+ kids in their home town. I loved the journey of the relationship and what each one has to go through to get to the point were they can be happy. I also loved the description of the food and cooking, I always enjoy reading about that in my books. If you are looking for romances that follow diverse characters than I would highly recommend picking this one up, it has bi rep and a nonbinary character. Thank you Forever for my gifted copy for review!

Electric Idol by Katee Robert – 4 Stars After reading and loving Neon God’s last year I knew I had to read Electric Idol! In this book for are following Psyche who is the daughter of Demeter and Eros the son of Aphrodite. After Eros is charged by his mother to kill Psyche he decides to change the game and marries her instead. Im not a huge fan of the marriage of convenience trope but I did enjoy this one. What starts out as a way to stay alive turns into so much more and I enjoyed the journey both took but especially Eros. He might be my favorite character so far in this series. I love this world so much and can’t wait for the next book!! Thank you Sourcebooks Casablanca for my gifted copy for review.

If The Shoe Fits by Julie Murphy – 3 Stars I want to say that first off that I am not a fan of Bachelor type shows and I really need to stop picking up romance books that center around this theme for the plot. With that said this was still a cute book but I just need to stop reading this trope. I am not a fan of when two characters seem to like each other and then continue to date and develop romantic relationships with other people! Anyways, this book follows Cindy who is still dealing with the grief of loosing her father and has just finished design school and decides to move back home with her step mother and sisters while figuring out whats next. On the flight home she meets a handsome man and sparks ignite but they don’t get each other’s contact information. Once home she gets the opportunity to be on her step mom’s dating tv show where a man picks a woman to marry. Im sure you can guess where this is going and again it was a fun read just not for me.

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