Reading Round Up March 1-10

Hello Book Friends! How is everybody’s reading going so far this month? So far mine has pretty good, I read 7 books so far. With school starting to shut down next I am hoping to get in lots of reading but we shall see if thats what happens or if my kids demand all the attention! If you would like to know what I read then keep reading!

That Night In Paris by Sandy Barker – 4 Stars That Night in Paris is a fun romance that follows our main character Catherine as she decides last minute to take a bus tour around Europe after sleeping with her flat mate. On the tour she meets 3 other woman who also booked last minute; Louise who is getting a divorce, Jaelee who realized she was in love with her best friend who just got married and Danielle whose best friend did not invite her to her wedding. While at their first stop on Paris, Catherine gets reunited with her best friend from childhood Jean-Luc. What follows is Catherine building friendships with these 3 other women and reconnecting with Jean-Luc all while traveling around Europe.

What I love about this story is that it’s not just your typical romance, it is also a story about the relationships you make in life. Catherine’s friendship with these other women is great to see, none of them tried to put the other’s down, they were all there for each other when needed. This story also felt like a love letter Europe. While the author was describing the places they visit I could visualize myself there and remember my own experiences, to visiting Sainte-Chapelle and getting baguette sandwiches to eat while in Paris. I also enjoyed seeing the growth of the character as she comes to terms with how she is living her life and being resistant to romantic relationships.

I only had a few problems with this books and it was mainly I think formatting issues with my ebook. There was no real break in dialogue and sometimes it was hard to figure out who was speaking. I also am not a huge fan of second chance romances but I enjoyed this one in that it didn’t focus on them in the past just small glimpses.

If you are looking for a great romance with more to it then I highly recommend this one. This book comes out on April 15th. I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

The June Boys by Court Stevens – 3.5 Stars In the June Boys we follow the main character Thea as she tries to find clues as to what happened to her cousin Aulus who she believes has been kidnapped by The Gemini Thief. Every year or two on June 1st a group of 3-4 boys are kidnapped and then released the following June 30th. These boys are known as The June Boys. At the same time we are following Thea we are also getting letters that are written by Aulus talking about his captivity. 

Thea is helped by her boyfriend Nick along with her and Aulus’s two best friends Tank and Gladys. I absolutely loved the friendships in this book and how they all supported each other and we’re there for each other. I also enjoyed the mystery of trying to find out who the Gemini Thief was. Courtney gave just enough clues to figure it out which I had by about 2/3rds of the way thru but not the why, which was saved till the end. Thea’s dad, who seems to be a little off, also plays a large role in this book. He has been building a castle for the past 10 years, which Thea has just found out about. At times it felt like the castle was another character in the story and I loved that. 

Overall I really enjoyed this book. I had a somewhat hard time getting into it because I was a little confused, we were following two timelines and it took awhile till this was addressed. We were also introduced to characters without knowing who they were but then gradually the people fell into place. Once both of those things were cleared up it became easier to follow. By the second half of the book I was hooked and I needed to know what was going to happen. I felt the story wrapped up nicely but would have liked just a little more in the epilogue. If you are looking for a fun and unique YA Thriller then I would definitely check out The June Boys. This book was my first by Courtney Stevens and it will not be my last. I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

Things You Save In A Fire by Katherine Center – 4 Stars This is the story of Cassie who is an awarded firefighter in Texas and due to many different events moves to outside Boston to join a fire department there. At her new job Cassie must deal with the negative attitudes of a woman firefighter. While dealing with this she is also dealing with her mother who she has not seen in many years and who is sick and needs help with day to day activities. This was my second time reading this book and this time I listened to it on audio. I still feel the same about it as I did the first time. I love the writing style and the overall story but at times had a problem with the main character. Also the Rookie is so sweet and I just love him. I really enjoyed her book before this one, How To Walk Away and will continue to pick up her books.

The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary – 5 Stars The Flatshare is the story of Tiffy who needs a place to stay and decides to take up Leon’s ad to share a bed. Leon works nights and sleeps during the day so the idea is that neither will be home at the same time. During the months they live together they leave notes for each other and this is how they communicate with one another. This book at first glance looks like a cute fun romcom but it is so much more. The things that the main character Tiffy has to work through is at times heart breaking. Leon also is struggling with family issues as well as trying to help out a patient of his. This was a reread for me and I still loved it. I love both Leon and Tiffy and their friendship that develops over time. I highly recommend this one!!

The Great Alone By Kristen Hannah – 5 Stars In the Great Alone we follow Leni as her family moves to Alaska in the 70’s. Her father is a Vietnam vet and is struggling with what we now know as ptsd. There are so many things I could say about this book but I feel like it would things away. I loved everything about it; Leni and her friendship with Matthew and Large Marge and Tom Walker. Her parents at times are hard to understand and Leni also has a hard time with them. If you are looking for a great historical fiction that is written beautifully and makes you feel like you are apart of the story then look no further!

Only When Its Us by Chloe Liese – 4.5 Stars This is the story of Willa and Ryder; Willa is a star soccer player and Ryder is a quiet guy who looks like a lumberjack. Due to a miscommunication these two get off to a rocky start while being paired up for a class project but what follows is a sweet and steamy journey. I really enjoyed this book and the banter that takes place between the two main characters, Im a sucker for good banter. Both Willa and Ryder have some personal issues they are trying to work through and they way they lean on each other at times was so sweet. This book really got me in the feels and at times was crying. One of the only things I had a small problem with was at one point in the story it felt like what Ryder was going through was just “fixed” and then it was done and was no longer a problem. It was addressed again later that he was still dealing with it but it just felt kind of brushed over. Over all I really liked this book and can not wait for the next in the series about Ryder’s brothers. This book comes out on April 1st 2020. I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

Hunting for a Highlander by Lynsay Sands – 5 Stars This is 8th book in The Highland Bride series. In this one we follow Geordie as he returns home to find that his sister-in-law had invited a bunch of unmarried girls for him and his remaining unwed brothers to choose from. I love Lynsay’s writing style, I always find her books hilarious and drawn into the story. I love this series as well as her vampire series. Her books are usually a quick read for me but they are so fun from beginning to end!

Until Next Time, Happy Reading!

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