Reading Round Up – October 1st – 10th

Hello Friends! How is your week going? Mine is a little off, not sure whats going on just finding it hard to concentrate on anything. So again this round up will be a bit a short. Hopefully I can get to better reviews again soon.

Hang The Moon by Alexandria Bellefluer – 4 Stars This one was a fun romance between two friends that have known each other for years. Annie books a trip to surprise her best friend Darcy but it turns out she is on a trip with her girlfriend so she asks her brother Brendon to let Annie into her apartment. Annie is a skeptic when it comes to love and Brendon is a total romantic so the two have some things to work out before they can get together but it was a cute journey for them to end up together. I really liked all the descriptions of the dates they went on in Seattle as I have never been there and I really want to go some day.

Mine To Possess by Nalini Singh – 4 Stars – Re-read I love the Psy-Changeling series and this one does not disappoint. We have Clay who is a sentinel for the Leopard pack and Tallie who is a human who is helps with runaway teens. Tallie seeks out Clay because her charges have started to go missing or end up being killed. This is a second chance romance for Clay and Tallie as they were childhood friends but lost touch over the years. This is the 4th book in the series and I do think it helps if you read them in order because of the over-arcing story that takes place for the entire series.

For The Wolf by Hannah Whittan – 3 Stars This one is a Young Adult fantasy that reminds me of a retelling of both Beauty and the Beast and Little Red Riding Hood. In this world the second daughter is always sacrificed to The Wolf who is an entity that lives in the forest and protects the kingdom from the monsters that reside there. Red is the youngest daughter so on her 19th birthday she is sent to The Wolf but her twin Neve is not ok with this and works to free her sister. When Red gets to the forest with The Wolf she soon discovers that everything they believe is not actually the truth. Overall the story was fun and I haven’t read too much like it but I had a problem with The Wolf acting like an 18 year old kid when he was in fact centuries old. I don’t like this in books it really takes me out of the story, I understand they do that because of the age discrepancy but it just irks me. I am undecided at this point if I will continue on with the series. Thank you Obit books for my gifted copy for review.

Last Girl Ghosted by Lisa Unger – 4 Stars This story follows Wren who suffered a trauma in her youth and tends to keep to herself and her best friend but she soon starts dating a man she meets on an app. After a few months together Wren gets a cryptic text from Adam, the man she has been dating and then no longer hears from him. Soon after this Wren gets a visit from. PI named Bailey and it turns out the man she has been seeing is the only link to a few missing women that Bailey has been searching for. This sends Wren down a path to search for the man she thought she knew and what she discovers is not what she hoped to find. Overall I really enjoyed this book and the twists it takes. I also really liked Wren as a character, she was resilient when others may not have been in her situation. My only real critique of this book is that at times I found it repetitive and I also feel like the author left some opportunities to maybe have a more paranormal element to the story. Thank you Harlequin and Park Row Books for my gifted copy for review.

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