Reading Round Up: July 21st-31st

Happy National Book Lover’s Day!!! I hope everyone had a great weekend and that their week is starting off well. Here are the last 4 books I read in July!

The Guilt Trip by Sandie Jones – 4.5 Stars I was a little skeptical going into this book because I am not a fan when a group of people who have been friends for years go on a trip and secrets will be revealed. But I am a fan isolated mysteries so I was going to give this one chance and I am glad I did! In this one we are following Rachel and Noah we have been friends for 20+ years and they go to wedding with their spouses. The groom is Rachel’s brother-in-law and she thinks that his fience and her husband were having an affair, soon things are revealed and the three couples will never be the same again. I liked all 3 couples and even though I knew things were going to get bad I was still rooting for all of them! Highly recommend this one! Thank you St. Martin’s Press, Minotaur and Macmillon for my gifted copies for review.

Love Next Door by Helena Hunting – 3.5 Stars Overall I enjoyed this one as I do almost all of her books. I believe this is also the first in a new series and I am excited to read more about the characters that were introduced in this book. I am especially interested in Dillion’s brother Billy who was going through a tough time in this book. I also liked Dillion and Billy’s childhood friend Aaron, it was briefly mentioned that he disappeared for awhile and then came back to town and no one knows where he was and that really has me intrigued. Thank you Montlake and Social Butterfly PR for gifting me a copy for review. You can read my full review here.

Grave Reservations by Cherie Priest – 4 Stars Leda is a travel agent who is also an inconsistent psychic. After saving the life of Seattle Detective Grady Merritt he enlists Leda in helping him solve a case that has been unsolvable. Turns out his case is also connected to the murder of Leda’s late fiancé that was also never fully explained. Leda and Grady along with Leda’s best friend start doing some unique investigating to see if they can finally solve these murders. I adored Leda so much and thought she was so fun to read about. Leda had such a great support system with her friends and I enjoyed all their scenes together. My favorite parts were the karaoke sessions were Leda would sing a song for someone after holding an object they gave her. This was a fun mystery and I am excited to continue reading this series and hopefully see some developing chemistry between Leda and Grady! Thank you Atria and Netgalley for my gifted copy for review.

The Layover by Lacie Walden – 4 Stars The layover was a fun romance about a flight attendant Ava who is going on her last flight and gets stranded at a tropical resort with her co-worker Jack who she does not like! I really liked the writing of this one and binged it in a just a day or two. At times I was frustrated Ava and how she was handling things but I think that means the author was doing something right. Jack was such a sweetie and I really would have liked more time with him! This is not just a fun romance but also a book about self discovery and coming to accept yourself the way you are and not what you think you should be.

Published by Becky Lewis

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Becky and I am a Real Estate Agent/Stay At Home Mom and I live in the beautiful state of Colorado with my husband, two kids, dog and cat. I am an avid reader and read on average 2-3 books a week. I started my blog because I needed a place where I could talk about books and put down my thoughts on all things book related.

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