Reading Round Up: February 1st – 10th

Hello and happy Wednesday friends. I hope everyone is staying safe and warm wherever you may be. It’s been pretty cold here in Colorado and we were down in the negative temps for multiple days but it was over a long weekend for the kids so we just stayed in and played games and watched movies. My reading is still going a bit slowly, it is taking me longer to finish a book than normal but thats ok. My favorite out of the 4 books I read this round up was Check Please! I really enjoyed Bitty.

Whiteout by Adriana Anders – 4 Stars Angel is a chef who is working at a research station in Antartica, on the day she is scheduled to leave Angel witnesses a murder. The people responsible for the murder decide to leave Angel there since she won’t survive and take the rest of the station employees to another location. Ford Cooper who is a surly geologist was out on the ice when this happened so when he comes back, it’s to find Angel injured and the rest of the crew gone. The two must work together to get to anther station if they want to survive. I really enjoyed this story and liked learning about how one travels and lives in Antartica. I will say the middle got a tiny bit repetitive but over all I liked the story between the two characters and what they had to go through to make it out alive.

This cover is gorgeous!!

The Paris Library by Janet Skeslien Charles – 4 Stars This was a beautifully written story about love, friendship and family that takes place in two different timelines. The first follows a French woman named Odile who works at the American Library in Paris and we are following her life during the early parts of WWII. The second story line is from a 13 year old named Lily who lives next door to Odile in Montana in the 1980’s. I loved both sides of this story and was eager to keep reading to find out how Odile went from Paris in the 1940’s to living in the US in the 1980’s. I really enjoyed the parts that took place in the Library and the cast of characters that work and visit the library. If you love great stories about family and friendship as well as WWII then I highly recommend checking this one out! Thank you Netgalley, Librofm and Atria Books for my gifted copy!

Friends Like Us by Sarah Mackenzie – 3 Stars We are following childhood friends Bree and Jill. Bree just recently had a scare that made her rethink how her life is going while Jill is still struggling with loss. I loved their relationship and how they were always there for each other. All of the friendships in this book were great and I am excited to read more from this cute town! There was also a few romances in this book which I always enjoy in books! I feel like there was room to give some more interactions between Jill and Bree as well as them with their perspective love interests. Overall this was a fun read. Thank you @readforeverpub and @thatsostelle for my #gifted copy!

Check Please! Book 1 by Ngozi Ukazu – 5 Stars I loved this graphic novel so much and I can’t wait to read book 2! This follows Bitty as he begins college and playing for the hockey team there. Bitty is a former figure skating championship who likes to bake in his spare time, he is also an online personality and has a vlog. I loved following Bitty through his first two years of college and his friendships that he has with his teammates was so much fun. If you are looking for a great feel good story then I highly recommend picking this one up.

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