Reading Round Up – September Part 2

Hi Friends! I am here with my second round up for the month. I read 5 books this tome and dnf’d 2! I really enjoyed The siren of Sussex and can’t wait to read book 2 next month! I am still in a weird mood and keep picking up books but not getting very far because nothing is holding my interest! Hopefully I get back on track soon but if not oh well!

Where The Sky Begins by Rhys Bowen – 3 Stars Thank you GetredPR, Rhys Bowen  and the publisher #lakeunion for my #gifted copy. This book is set in WWII and follows Josie as she faces the uncertainty that comes with her husband off in the war, her place of business bombed and then her house! After she recovers Josie is sent to live in the country with an unpleasant woman who does not want to open her house to strangers. What follows is the story of Josie learning to overcome challenges and figure out what she wants out of life if she survives the war. This is a story of self discovery, friendship, romance and loss. I really enjoyed this one as I felt like it wasn’t the same story I have read many times before when reading a historical WWII novel. 

Crazy Stupid Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams – 2 Stars I am trying to clear out my shelves so I picked this one up and really had to push through it. I was not a fan of either main character and the medical side of the book was really out of place for me. After really enjoying book 1 in this series the next two really fell flat and I am scared to pick up book 4 which I still have on my tbr shelf.

The Siren Of Sussex by Mimi Matthews – 4 Stars This was interesting historical romance that dealt with topics that I have not read in a romance before. The male lead for this book half Indian and half English and really goes into the British occupation of India and what it is like for him living in England. I don’t know how realistic it is but I loved having a different perspective and always enjoy when the books I read are not in the typical vain. This was a sweet romance and I highly recommend if you enjoy historicals!

Some Dukes Have All The Luck by Christina Britton – 3 Stars This was probably more of a 3.5 star. After being on a historical kick I decided to continue and pick up an ARC I have for Some Dukes Have All The Luck. This follows Bronwyn who just wants to spend her time working on research of a beetle she found but her social climbing parents destroys her research and demands she finds a husband. While out walking she comes across a man who decides she will do nicely for a wife and offers to marry her in name only if she will help look out for his three wards. Deciding that that sounds better than what her parents have planned she takes him up on the offer. Thinking he is a gentleman only Bronwyn is surprised to learn he is actually a Duke and she is now a Duchess. What goes on from there is a set of funny events mixed with a sweet romance that I really enjoyed. I struggled at times with the pacing but overall thought this was an enjoyable historical romance. Thank you Forever Publishing for my gifted copy for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

When Gracie Met The Grump by Mariana Zapata – 3.5 Stars rounded up to a 4 This book was such an interesting departure in some ways from what Mariana Zapata usually writes. Our main male lead in this book is an actual superhero and I was here for it! Like most of Mariana’s books we still get a great slow burn as well as a silent and grumpy hero which she writes so well! My main issue with this book was in the beginning, it felt very repetitive and the story really struggled with moving forward. By about halfway the story starts to pick up and this was when the book got really good for me. If you have read any other books by this author and enjoyed them then I think you should pick this one up as well.

For The Throne by Hannah Whitten – DNF This is book 2 in a duology that I started last year that follows two sisters, one who is destined for the crown and the other sacrificed to the wolf. Book one followed Red who was the sacrifice and book two focuses more on Neve the Queen. I am putting this one down for now because I just wasn’t in a fantasy mood but I would still like to finish it some day.

The Make Up Test by Jenny L. Howe – DNF I really tried to get into this one but it just never clicked for me and only made it 12% in when I decided to put it down. This is a second chance romance that follows two rival academics who are vying for the same position. I struggled with the main characters and they way the male lead was described, I know that sounds weird but she made him sound so unlikable that I couldn’t figure out why she liked him in the first place. I have also learned lately that I need to stick with what I know and like and that I am just not a fan of second chance romances. I know they can be done well but they very rarely work for me. If you like second chance romance or books set in academia then you might want to check this one out. Thank you St. Martin’s Press for my gifted copy for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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