Fantasy Series I would like to re-read or finally finish!

Hello Friends! I have been thinking about this one for awhile as I realized when looking at my shelves that I haven’t finished reading a few fantasy series that I used to really enjoy. I drifted away from reading fantasy many years ago but have kept most of my books and lately I have had the itch to try and finish some of these series. Have you read and finished of these? I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

The Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill – There are 13 books in this series and I have read 8 of them. This story follows Merit as she is turned into a vampire and becomes Sentinel to one of the Vampire houses in Chicago. The series follows her and her Ethan who is head of her House as they deal with the politics of the vampires. I honestly don’t know why I stopped, it might have been because I was waiting for the next one to come out and then just never picked it up. Or I got bored with it and just didn’t want to continue.

The Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh – There are 15 book in this one and I have only read 4, these are a lot darker than her Psy Changling series which is one of my all time favorites so they take more time for me to read. This is one of the ones I would really like to work on getting caught up on. This follows Elena who is a vampire hunter and her relationship with the guild as well as the Archangel Raphael.

The Alpha and Omega series by Patricia Briggs – This is a spin off of her Mercy Thompson series which I also haven’t finished and am not real sure on if I will try and finish it or not. In the Alpha and Omega series there are 6 books and I have read 3, this one seems like it should be easy to finish up. This follows Charles who is the enforcer for the North American were wolf pack and Anna who is a rare omega.

Katherine “Kitty” Katt series by Gini Koch – This series follows Kitty who stumbles upon the fact that aliens walk among humans and gets pulled into the political shenanigans of the Alpha Centauri. I have read 6 out of 16 that are published and I would love to finish this series. I will state that this is one of pure dispensation of belief because this series is bonkers! That being said I always had a great time reading it!

Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep – I started this series when it first came out many years ago and stopped picking it up because I had started to drift away from my fantasy series. There are 19 books in this series and I made it through 5 before I stopped. This series follows the assassin named Spider as she fights to stay alive after her handler is killed. I have recently picked up Jennifer Estep’s newest series and it made me want to go back and continue with this one.

The Wayfarer Redemption series by Sara Douglas – I read this series many years ago and it has been awhile since I have revisited it and have been feeling like I might want to pick it up again soon. There are 6 books that follow Axis, Faraday and Azhure in this fantasy series that I have no idea how to describe!

Hidden Legacy series by Ilona Andrews – This is another series I would like to revisit as I just finished the most recent in the series, Ruby Fever. The first 3 books follow Nevada and it’s been awhile since I read them and was thinking they would be a quick and easy reread. There are 6 books in this series where the first 3 follow Nevada and the next 3 follow Catalina both members of House Baylor. This is a fun Urban Fantasy series and Ilona Andrews do this genre so well!

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