Reading Round Up: July Part 3

Hi Friends! I am a little behind on my round ups as I was on vacation for the last couple of weeks but I am hoping to get caught up soon. Have you read any of these? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

She’s Up To No Good by Sara Goodman Confino – 3.5 but rounded up to a 4 Star – I enjoyed this story about a woman who is going through a break up and takes a trip with her grandmother. You can see my review here.

Bayou Sweetheart by Lexi Blake – 4 Stars – Enjoyed this one and have a more detailed review for a blog tour which you can read here.

The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy – 5 Stars I don’t even know where to start with this one! It was so different than most books I read and I loved every minute of it! This book is pretty much half fantasy and half romance and both parts were equally good. In this world we have Marshalls who are tasked with finding the lost souls and bringing them back to the Undertakers so the bodies can be prepared properly for the afterlife. Hart is a grumpy Marshall who is so lonely that one day he pens an anonymous letter to “A Friend”. Mercy is the trying to keep her father’s undertaking business afloat while her little brother finishes school and one day receives a letter simply addressed to “a friend.” The two start up a correspondence and these letters were some of my favorite parts of the story! I am always a sucker for enemies to lovers and a grump sunshine trope and this book is both! I also thought the world building was so fun with the unique creatures who deliver the mail to the lost souls and the what the appendix is used for! I basically can not recommend this book enough!

Bend Toward The Sun by Jen Devon – 5 Stars I have had this one sitting on my kindle waiting to be read for quite some time and I am a little upset with myself that it took me so long to get to it. I loved my reading experience for this book and the atmosphere was perfect! This story follows Rowan who takes on the job of restoring a vineyard while working on her thesis and Harry who is escaping to his parents new vineyard after facing a career set back. This is so much more than a love story between two people, it is also about healing and learning to overcome the setbacks that thrown at us during life. I laughed and cried while reading this and didn’t want it to end. I loved the setting of the vineyard and that Rowan was a botanist who loved plants and everything about them. I think some of my favorite scenes were ones that took place outside. I will say that there are some heavier topics with this read so you may want to look into content warning before reading but the beauty of the writing gives such a great sense of comfort. There are a few side characters in this one that I am really oping get their own stories and if they do I can not wait to read them! Highly recommend picking this one up when it comes out August 9th. Thank you St. Martin’s Press for my gifted copy! I included two blurbs below that I felt really captured the spirit of this book and I hope you decide to give this one a chance!

“Soul satisfying, sensual, and unforgettable.” – Libby Hubscher, “Heart-warming, sensual, beautifully written.” –Ali Hazelwood

Ruby Fever by Ilona Andrews – 5 Stars Ilona Andrews was one of the first urban fantasy authors I read so many years ago and I continue to pick up their books because they are so good!! This is the sixth book in the Hidden Legacy series and the third book following Catalina Baylor. This is the conclusion to Catalina’s books and the next one will start the story centering on the youngest Baylor sister, Arabella. The first three books follow the oldest sister, Nevada. Its really hard to talk about this series without spoiling it because this is book 6 but in this one we are following Catalina and her fiancé Alessandro as they try to save their House and the city of Houston. I really can’t say enough good things about this series and if you haven’t read it before and like Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance then I would check them out. This isn’t one you can just pick up but you can start with book 1 of the series which is Burn For Me. Or you can start with book 4 which is the first in this trilogy following Catalina and it is called Sapphire Flames. Catalina and Alessandro are so much fun to read about and the Baylor family is such a great representation of a found family and I love it so much! Again I can not recommend this series enough! Thank you Avon for my #gifted copy for review!

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