Reading Round Up – February 1st – 10th

Immortal Rising by Lynsay Sands – 4 Stars This is number 34 in the Argeneau Vampire series and it did not disappoint! We first met our main character Stephanie way back in the series when she was just a teenager. She is now in her ate 20’s and living in a more secluded location to help her manage some of her powers. I have really enjoyed seeing Stephanie’s growth throughout the entire series because she is one of the only characters who has aged since we met them. We also get reintroduced to a character we met a few books back and he could be one of my favorites in the series. Thorne is an experiment that never should have happened, his DNA has been mixed with many other creatures and so he is not very human and has many animal like features. He reminded my of some characters I read about a long time ago in a series by Sara Douglas. Again this book is technically one you can just jump into but I think it makes the reading much better if you have some knowledge of this world and the characters because they all come back eventually in the books. Still highly recommend this series if you love a good paranormal romance! Thank you Avon for my #gifted copy for review.

Hunt The Stars by Jessie Mihalik – 5 Stars I read another book by this author last year called Polaris Rising and after it I knew I would keep reading more for her. She takes a genre that is sometimes more reserved and puts a fun spin on it. Her books are like space shenanigans with romance and I am for them!

Hook, Line, and Sinker by Tessa Bailey – 3 Stars This book follows Hannah, who is the sister to the main character in It Happened One Summer and Fox who we also met in that book. Hannah and Fox have a relationship through music and this was my favorite part of the entire book. At the end of the day they would text each other a song that summed up their day and now I want to do this all the time! Hannah works for a movie producer and she gets him to film back in her home town in Washington and stays with Fox while there. Both characters have some internal problems that they work through in the book but for the most part I just was not invested in either of them. I think this will be last book this author because she just doesn’t work for me. I thought the writing style was great but Im just not a fan of her characters, they don’t grab me and make want to root for them. I do know that I am in the minority for this series and if you like spicy romances set in the Pacific Northeast then you should check them out. I have never been to Washington state but these books make me want to go even more, she writes the town and the water like another character in the book and I really enjoy that. Thank you Avon for my gifted copy for review.

Always Only You by Chloe Liese – 5 Stars (Re-read) Third time but this time I noticed things I was not a fan of and it may have dropped my rating to a 3.5. I will leave it for now because it may just be a mood I am in.

Duke, Actually by Jenny Holiday – 3 Stars I think I might be done with Jenny Holiday or at least her holiday books. I tried reading this book multiple times and it took me almost 2 months to get through it. I just didn’t care about the characters or the plot and at times it felt like watching a Hallmark movie and thats just not for me.

The Fastest Way To Fall by Denise Williams – 3 Stars While I really liked another book by this author this one just feel flat for me. I was never invested in the characters and the book revolved so heavily around fitness and exercising that I just didn’t want to read it, that is just not something I care about and don’t want to read about it. I still liked the author’s writing style so will probably pick up her next book.

The Suite Spot by Trish Doller – 4 Stars Trish Doller’s first book The Float Plan and it was one of my favorite books last year so I was excited for her new release this year and it did not disappoint. We are following single mom Rachel who recently lost her job and decides to accept one on an island in Lake Erie. So she packs up her and her daughter to run a new hotel that is paired with a brewery but when she gets thee she realizes that she has played. The hotel is not even finished yet and her accommodations are to stay in the main house with her daughter and the hotel’s surly owner, Mason. I loved both aspects of this book, the making of the hotel and brewery as well as the relationship between Rachel and Mason. There were sad parts to this book dealing with a loss of a child so be warned and I would check for trigger warnings if you need them. Overall this book was great but I still like her first book more but this one was solid and I highly recommend both of them. Thank you St. Martin’s Griffin for my gifted copy.

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