Summerween Book Tag

Happy Thursday! I am doing the Summerween tag today in preparation for the Read-A-Thon starting tomorrow! This tag was created by Colleen over on youtube @LittleGhostCreations and you can find the SUMMERWEEN announcement video here


1. What spooky reads are you most excited about in your TBR list/pile right now? A Dark and Secret Place, Survive The Night and when it comes out The Final Girls Support Group

2. What’s your favorite revenge novel? I can’t say that I really have read many revenge novels. I am currently listening to They Never Learn and that one is pretty good. Let me know your favorite in the comments!!

3. What’s a horror or thriller/crime book you wish you could experience for the first time? The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James

4. Sucks to suck! You were just given a handful of your least favorite candy. The one not even your siblings or friends will trade for. What candy is it and what spooky book did you want to love that disappointed you? I really don’t like Mike and Ikes! And I have read 3 books this year that disappointed me, Every Vow You Break, The Sanatorium and Lie To Me.

5. Time to put on your costume! If you could exist in one spooky novel, which one would it be? Who would your best friend be? I wouldn’t want to stay there but I would love to see the house in Mexican Gothic! Not sure who my best friend would be maybe just my husband.

6. What’s your favorite haunted house book and/or television show? I loved The Sun Down Motel and again the house in Mexican Gothic.

7. The food question. You can ONLY pick one from each would you rather. A. Chocolate or Sour Candy? B. Coffee or tea? C. Apple or pumpkin pie? Chocolate all the way!!! Out of those two it would be tea but I am more of a pepsi girl. I think I would go with Apple because of pie and cider!

8. Show us your favorite book with a witch or a woman who gets screwed over by society and the patriarchy. I am struggling with this prompt! I don’t read a ton of books about witches. I would love to know your favorites!

9. Which book on your shelves or audiobook library has the scariest book cover? So I am a pretty big chicken and am not a fan of scary pictures so I don’t have really have any. However, the covers for My Best Friends Exorcism and Goblin are pretty creepy looking to me.

10. It’s Summerween and it’s hot outside! What book(s) do you recommend that give off summer vibes? Think lakes, cabins beaches, etc. Whatever reminds you of summer! They Last Time I Lied, The House At The Bottom Of The Lake and The Colorado Kid.

11. You and your friends are exploring a well known haunted house. You get separated and suddenly you hear screams coming from somewhere upstairs. You run into the next room and find two of your friends. Which 2 fictional characters are they? Who do you want in this situation with you? I would take Gwen Proctor from The Stillhouse Lake series by Rachel Caine because she is such a badass!! She will do anything to protect her loved ones. I would also want Will Trent from the Will Trent series by Karin Slaughter because I just love him.

12. Trick or treat! Stephen King, H. P. Lovecraft, Mary Shelley, and Shirley Jackson are at your front door. Who do you give the best and biggest candy bar to? I think I will say Shirley Jackson.

13. What is your favorite spooky book to movie adaptation where both of them are good? So I don’t watch scary movies at all and can’t say I have seen any.

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