Reading Round Up: February 11th-20th

Hello Friends and Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had a great weekend. We stayed in mostly and spent some time with family. I had a really good reading this past 10 days. I had three 5 stars!! I think it’s a toss up between Shipped and Float Plan for my favorite so far! Let me know if you have read any of these and what your thoughts were.

Shipped by Angie Hockman – 5 Stars Give me enemies to lovers, a tropical vacation and beautifully described sights and animals and I am here for it!! Henley is up for a promotion at her marketing job for a cruise line and it turns out Graeme her work nemesis is also up for the same promotion. Their boss tells them that they will both be going on a cruise to The Galapagos Islands and they both need to come up with a marketing plan to up tourism and this will be the deciding factor for the promotion. While I loved the romance in this book I think my favorite parts were when Henley and Graeme are on excursions from the ship. It sounded so pretty and magical that I know have added going birding there to my bucket list.

Well Met by Jen Deluca – 3 Stars This is the second book in this series and we are following Stacey who met in the first book. This book did not live up to my hopes after loving the first book so much. I had a hard time believing the romance between the two main characters, especially because in the first half of the book the guy that Stacey thinks she is talking too and the guy actually doing the talking are two different people. While I didn’t like the catfishing in this book it wasn’t my main problem. I feel like once she realized who she was talking too she just accepts it really quickly and then starts up a real relationship with him. It just felt a little too rushed in my opinion. I did really enjoy the glimpses we got of the main characters in the first book and I am so excited to read the next in the series!

Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert – 5 Stars When I read the first book in the Brown Sister’s trilogy I didn’t think I could love any of them more than I did the first sister, Chloe. But Eve came into my world and said hold my beer! Eve was such a great character and I loved her journey of self discovery so much. When the book starts out Eve is dealing with another job failure and her parents telling her she needs to grow up and get her act together. Leaving in fit of pique Eve drives to a small B&B in a village and tries to get a job as a chef. On first meeting Eve, Jacob is taken aback by Eve’s personality. Jacob who is on the Autism spectrum likes his world in a tidy orderly way and Eve does not fit that. After a minor accident puts Jacob out of commission, Eve is hired to cook and help clean the B&B. By the end of the book both characters have come such a long way and their journey was so much fun to read! I highly recommend this book if you are wanting a sweet and steamy romance. Thank you Avon and Harper Voyager for my gifted copy for review.

Party Of Two by Jasmine Guillory – 4 Stars This is the fifth book in the Wedding Date Series and we are following the sister of the main character from book 1. Olivia moves from New York to LA to start up a new law firm with her best friend. Within her first few days in the city Olivia meets Max at a hotel bar and while the two hit it off they don’t exchange their information. She finds out later that night that he is a junior senator and glad that it didn’t go anywhere is she is not wanting a relationship like that. A few weeks later they meet again and the two decide to start actually dating. I really enjoyed the relationship between these two characters and thought Max was so adorable. Both characters have some self discovery to do and I really liked that aspect as well. I have read a few others in this series and so far this one is my favorite and I am excited to finally get to the rest of the series.

Float Plan by Trish Doller – 5 Stars I have a more detailed review coming but I just want to say that I loved this book so much!! Thank you St. Martin’s Press for my gifted copy to review.

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