Reading Round Up: December 11th-20th

Happy Sunday Friends! I hope everyone had a great month so far. Things have been a little crazy here for personal reasons and because of that I have not been reading very much. I did get three ARC’s for this wrap up so I am happy about that. Until next time, have a great week and rest of December!

You Have A Match by Emma Lord – 3 Stars This is a YA contemporary story about Abby who takes a DNA test with her friends and realizes that she has a sister she never knew about. While Abby is dealing with this she is also struggling with her feelings for one of her best friends, Leo. On a whim Abby decides to go to the summer camp her sister works at and finds out that Leo goes there too and has been friends with her new sister for years, this adds more confusion for Abby on her feelings for both of them. Overall I thought this was a cute story but it didn’t leave me with a lasting impact. As I am much older then the intended audience I didn’t connect well with the characters but the writing was really good and the story was cute. I really liked the friend groups in this story and am glad they were such a big part of the story. If you like YA stories that deal with more than just high school drama and romance then I think this one is a great fit. Thank you St. Martin’s Press, Wednesday Books and Netgalley for my complimentary copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

Don’t Look Back by Christie Craig – 4 Stars This was a fun Suspense Romance about an FBI agent and a Cop. I love romances and thrillers that deal with law enforcement! It had the perfect mix of action and romance. We have FBI agent Brie Ryan who is on leave and is investigating the death of her sister without her agency’s approval. Her partner who recently came to help her out is found shot and the case falls on three detectives from the cold case team. Detective Connor Pierce is still dealing with the trauma of his partner dying and his shooting of a teenager is instantly attracted to Brie but the two both have past issues that they need to work through. I really enjoyed the pacing of this one and the romance didn’t overshadow the investigation which I enjoyed. If you are looking for a new suspenseful romance be sure to check this one out! Thank you Forever Publishing for my gifted copy!

Happy Singles Day by Ann Marie Walker – 3 Stars This one is about a woman, Paige, who books a trip to a B&B on an Island off the coast of North Carolina to celebrate Single’s Day, February 15th. The B&B is not what she is expecting when she gets there, instead of charming it’s dirty and unkempt and the owner is a grumpy but hot man. Lucas is still dealing with the death of his wife and trying to raise his 4 year old daughter by himself, his sister who tries to help ends up booking him a guest at his B&B. While Lucas and Paige initially get off on the wrong foot the two end up learning that they both can learn from the other person. This was a fun rom-com with a few serious topics mixed in. Overall I enjoyed the story and characters but I would have enjoyed more of the two of them learning to be a couple together. Thank you Netgalley and Sourcebooks for my gifted copy!

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