Reading Round Up: November 1st-14th

Hello my lovely friends! I am here with my first round up for the month! I decided to break it up a little differently this month since I am doing a read-a-thon. So far my month is going good, I am happy with my reading process. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!!!

Pumpkin Everything by Beth Labonte – 3 Stars This was a cute Fall read about Amy who is horror writer that moves back to her small hometown to help her grandfather after he has an accident. Amy has writer’s block and recently called off her wedding so she figured it was a good time for a change of pace. Kit Parker was her high school love and she hasn’t seen him since she left town right after graduation and he still lives in the bottom unit of the house she grew up in. I am not usually a fan of second chance romances but this one was pretty cute. I would like to read the next one in the series but it might not be till next year.

One To Watch by Kate Stayman-London – 4 Stars When this book first came out I saw so many mixed reviews on it and after waiting a bit I decided to give it a go and I am so glad I did. I am not a fan of reality tv and have never watched a single episode of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette but I enjoyed this book so much. I think I see what some may have not liked about it, the main character Bea, is a plus sized fashion blogger and sometimes when comments from her blog are posted they are not nice and use negative language. One night while live tweeting Main Squeeze (this world’s Bachelor/Bachelorette) about how there is no diversity in any way on the show. The new show runner decides that Bea will be the next Main Squeeze and we follow her on her journey of self love, romance and friendship with her fellow contestants. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a fun romance!

Visions of Heat by Nalini Singh – 4 Stars (re-read) – Sometimes I just need to comfort read and this series is a go to for me. This is book 2 in the Psy-Changling series and here we follow Vaughn who is a Jaguar and Faith who is an F-Psy, meaning she has foresight. Faith believes that her foresight is changing and that it means her mind is deteriorating so she turns to the only person she thinks can help her, Sasha Duncan who is Psy but is now the mate of Lucas who is the Alpha of a changeling clan. While in the changeling territory Faith meets Vaughn and from there she starts to question everything she knows. I love this entire series and my favorite pairings are the psy with the changelings! Highly recommend if you want a fantastic paranormal romance read!

A Cowboy for Christmas by Sara Richardson – 3 Stars I had picked this one up from the thrift store and was in the mood for a Holiday Cowboy Romance. I loved the small town in Colorado that this takes place in and need to go back and read the ones that came before in the series. Ty not wanting to go home for the Holidays tells his family he is engaged to Darla, this backfires when she needs his help with a fundraiser and his family is suddenly coming to him instead. Darla who is a widow and Ty, a rodeo star decide to fake date for the holidays and things do not go according to plan. Of course we all know in a romance what happens with fake dating. I also really liked that this story was about a woman in her 40’s, I feel like I don’t see that too often.

Undercover Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams – 4 Stars I finally got around to reading Undercover Bromance. I thought it was another fun read and would recommend it! Braden is the founder of the bookclub and is ready to start settling down. While on a date he accidentally gets Liv, who is Gavin Scott’s sister-in-law from the first book, fired from her job. Together the two end up teaming up to get back at her ex-boss. At times the story did tend to drag as it was following a suspense romance trope and the two characters were doing some sleuthing. I also had a really hard time liking the main female character, at times she was just a bit too much. All that being said I loved Vlad in this one and can’t wait for book #4!!

Ruthless by Deborah Bladon – 3.5 Stars – I binged this one in a day! It was a fun work place enemies to lovers story. Our main character Bella goes and blind dates and sits at what she thinks is her table and start chatting with the man sitting there, Turns out he was another date and Bella just spilled a bunch of info about herself to the stranger. The next week Bella finds out she has new boss who is non-other then the man she thought was her date. What follows is a great enemies to lovers workplace romance. I thought the book overall was a fun story and a quick read and I am excited to read more from this author.

The Fall in Love Checklist by Sarah Ready – 3.5 Stars – Review to come later.

Until Next Time, Happy Reading!

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