Reading Round Up: October 11th-20th

Hello Book Friends! I can’t believe that October is almost over, I feel like it just started! My reading has slowed down a little because I am trying to make my way through a book that keeps scaring me so Im not really picking up a ton right now. Hopefully the rest of the month goes a little better for me. Here’s what I have been reading.

Immortal Angel (#31) by Lynsay Sands3 Stars – I always love returning to this series as it has some of my favorite characters ever. However, with a series this large not every book will be a winner. While I still enjoyed the story and being back with these characters I just wasn’t particularly attached to our two main characters. I will still be continuing with the next in this series!

Home Before Dark – by Riley Sager – 4 Stars – Audio – This was my first Riley Sager and I don’t think it will be my last. Overall I thought this book was enjoyable, loved the audio narration. We are following two different time lines so it was nice with the different narrators. I am not usually a fan of different time lines but in this one it worked well because we were getting snippets of a story that the main characters dad wrote about their time at Baneberry Hall and then we get her present day living in the same house. If you like stories about creepy houses than I think you should definitely pick this one up!

Bite Me (#9) by Shelly Laurenston – 4 Stars This is like the third time I have read this book and I still love it. Shelly has a way of writing her characters that feels both real and absurd at the same time and I am here for it! In this book we finally get introduced to the Honeybadger shifters and they are by far my favorite! I also love to watch the video about honeybadgers not caring, so good!!! If you like funny, steamy shifter romances be sure to check out this series!

His and Hers by Alice FeeneyAudio3 Stars Im not sure where to even start with this one! I got the audio for this from librofm and I am glad I was listening to it rather than reading, I think I would have dnf’d it otherwise. We are following three characters and how they are all involved in a murder. The story had some graphic scenes that I was not comfortable with and I was not a fan of the conclusion. However, I still think its an interesting story and believe others will still enjoy it.

Hot and Badgered (#1) by Shelly Laurenston4 Stars This is the first book in the spinoff series that deals with three sisters that are honeybadgers! In this story we are following Charlie who is the oldest. All three have some major difficulties and I find them so funny! I also love all the bears in this book! Highly recommend if you are wanting a super fun shifter romance!

Published by Becky Lewis

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