Robyn Carr’s Book Lovers Quiz

Happy Monday Book Friends! How was everyone’s weekend? Ours was quiet, not a lot going on. I saw Steph from Steph’s Romance Book Talk on you tube do this quiz an d thought it looked fun! She said that author Robyn Carr is the creator of this quiz. You score a point for each one you can answer. So let’s see what I can get!

13-15 pts. — True Book Lover
10-12 pts. — Respectable Book Lover
7-9 pts. — Aspiring Book Lover
0-6 pts. — Book Lover in Training

Read the first chapter of a book in a bookstore? I can’t say I have ever read the first chapter of book in the bookstore but I have read a graphic novel and also the endings of book.

Bought a book in an airport? Yes, I finished a book on vacation and wanted the second in the series immediately. The store in the airport didn’t have book two so I bought book 3 and got about of a third of the way through it before I got home. 1pt

Stayed up all night to finish a book? Yes, many times. 1pt

Keep track of the books you have read? Yes, I have a bullet journal where I keep track of all the books I read plus other stats on my books. I also use goodreads all the time. 1pt

Read more than 20 hours per week? Pretty sure I do this every week. 1pt

Used a receipt as a bookmark? Yup and straw wrappers, gum wrappers, string. I will use whatever I can find. 1pt

Follow more than 10 authors on social media? Yes on Instagram, Facebook and email lists. 1pt

A dog-eared book page makes you cringe. Nope I do this one a lot.

Own more than 300 books (in any format)? Yes times many! 1pt

Sniffed a new book before reading? Yes. 1pt

Bought a book without reading the description? No, I always want to know what the book is about.

Cried due to the death of a fictional character? Yes, so many in the HP series!! 1pt

Would rather read than go to a party? Read a book.

Own a piece of clothing declaring your love of reading? Yes, many things. 1pt

Looks like I got a 10 which means I am a Respectable book lover.

Until Next Time, Happy Reading!

Robyn Carr’s Book Lover’s Quiz #romancetube #romancereader #bookcommunity #booktube

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