Reading Round Up – March 1st – 10th

Hello Friends! I am feeling very proud of myself that I am up to date with reviews and reading round up so far for the month! I had a lot of good reading so far for March and its still going good. I am still loving the Veronica Speedwell series and also listening to someContinue reading “Reading Round Up – March 1st – 10th”

Reading Round Up: February 21st – 28th

Hi Friends! I feel like I am doing good getting my last round up for February in the first week of March! I finished 7 books in this last 7 days because most of these I was taking my time reading because they were going very slowly for me. The Soulmate Equation was my favoriteContinue reading “Reading Round Up: February 21st – 28th”

Reading Round Up February 11th – 20th

Hi Guys and happy Monday! I hope you are having a great last day of the month and finishing up any books that you can! Here is my second round up for the month and I should hopefully have my last one out in a few days! The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas –Continue reading “Reading Round Up February 11th – 20th”

Reading Round Up – February 1st – 10th

Immortal Rising by Lynsay Sands – 4 Stars This is number 34 in the Argeneau Vampire series and it did not disappoint! We first met our main character Stephanie way back in the series when she was just a teenager. She is now in her ate 20’s and living in a more secluded location toContinue reading “Reading Round Up – February 1st – 10th”

Reading Round Up – January 21st – 31st

Hi friends! Hope everyone had a great month. While mine started off pretty crappy it wasn’t bad overall. I read some good books and made good progress on some of my other things I have going on. Happy Reading my friends! Running Wild by K.A. Tucker – 5 Stars Even though we are following newContinue reading “Reading Round Up – January 21st – 31st”

Reading Round Up – January 11th – 21st

Hi Friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I have not read anything in days and honestly I feel ok about that. Im not in the head space right now and don’t want to pressure myself to pick up a book until I am ready too. However, I had some great reading for myContinue reading “Reading Round Up – January 11th – 21st”

Reading Round Up – January 1st – 10th

Hi Friends! How is everyone’s reading and just general life going so far in January? Now that covid has left my house we are doing so much better! I did get in some great reading so far and I am hoping to continue for the rest of the month but we shall see. Only WhenContinue reading “Reading Round Up – January 1st – 10th”

Reading Round Up – December 21st – 31st

Hi Friends! How was everyone’s new year? Good I hope. I have been pretty sick and went to bed at like 9:30 that night but we did play games with the kids and they had fun so that was good. Here is my last round up for 2021! The Mane Attraction by Shelly Laurenston –Continue reading “Reading Round Up – December 21st – 31st”

Reading Round Up – December 1st – 10th

Happy Monday Friends! How was everyone’s week? Mine started off rough but the weekend was great! Here are the books I read for my first round up in December! Much Ado About You by Samantha Young – 4 Stars Cute romance about a woman who decides to take a month long trip to England andContinue reading “Reading Round Up – December 1st – 10th”

Reading Round Up – October 21st – 31st

We Were Never Here by Andrea Bartz – 3 Stars This thriller was just ok. It follows 2 woman who travel every year together and for the past 2 years something has gone very wrong. Neither character is likable which is fine but I just found it hard to believe. Also the ending left meContinue reading “Reading Round Up – October 21st – 31st”