Reading Round Up: August Part 5

Hello Friends! I am here with my last round up for August and I am so proud of soon I got these up this month! I think this format of reviewing 4 or 5 at time is the way to go for me. It helps me from feeling overwhelmed on the weeks when I read 8 – 10 books. I do have some spoilery thoughts for my last review but I warn when they are coming if you are not interested in them.

Forever Protected by Kathleen Brooks – I am in such a weird reading space that one of my favorite series is just not working for me right now. Any contemporary romances are just not what I am looking for and this one had to be put aside for another time. Im hoping to get to it again at some point just not sure when.

Fortune’s Pawn by Rachel Bach – 4 Stars I am just going to sum up all three of these books in one spot because it was a trilogy. This story follows Devi Morris who has signed up to be security on the Glorious Fool. Surviving a year on the ship opens up many opportunities to you, like becoming a Devastator which is Devi’s goal. This story has everything I was looking for like action, romance and politics. Following Devi as she tries to figure things out was a lot of fun. While she might not be the smartest Merc she is one of the best and I love how she just dives head first into any skirmish she comes across.

Honor’s Knight by Rachel Bach – 3 Stars Book 2

Heaven’s Queen by Rachel Bach – 4 Stars Book 3 and I just realized all these titles have chess pieces in them as chess is a running theme throughout the story.

Bitter Sweet Heart by H. Hunting – 3.5 Stars Rounded up to a 4 on Goodreads, review of this one will come later as I am on a blog tour for it.

The Getaway by Emily March – 3 Stars I love books set in Colorado because it’s my home and I love how other people see the beauty of it too! This book follows Genevieve Prentice as she comes to terms that her family is not acting like she thinks they should and so sells her family’s home and moves to Colorado where she and her sister bought an inn. Along with Genevieve’s perspective we also have her eldest son Jake and a woman who used to work for him named Tess. The three end up in Colorado together as they sort through all the drama that the family is going through. Overall I enjoyed this story especially the family dynamics between Jake and his mother as well as his three siblings. I also enjoyed Genevieve’s story and the growth she went through even at her age which reminds us all that we continue to grow as we get older. Im curious to see where the next book will go and who’s story we will get. I do have a few other thoughts but they are spoilers so continue reading if you are ok with it. Thank you Forever Publishing for my gifted copy! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was really enjoying this one up until the end which left me feeling somewhat empty. One of the main points of the book was about Jake finding out who he really was and what he wanted out of life but in the epilogue we still got nothing! They mentioned he is just arriving from somewhere but not what he is up to in his life. I am not a fan of incomplete story arcs and thats what this one felt like to me. They did wrap up his relationship story just not his personal one. Makes me wonder if we will still have his pov in the continuation of the series.

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