Reading Round Up: August Part 3

Hello Friends! I can’t believe the month is almost over! I have not read most of the books that I wanted to get to this month as I got into a reading slump and the only books I wanted to read were ones set in space. Hopefully your reading is going well! What books are you hoping to finish by the end of the month?

The It Girl by Ruth Ware – 4 Stars I really enjoyed this one by Ruth Ware especially with the previous books I have read by her being just ok for me. This is dual timeline where present day we are following Hannah as she is preparing to have a baby with her husband Will when she finds out the her friend’s killer has just died in jail. Hannah is then sent down a spiral when she learns that he was once again trying to appeal for his innocence. In the second timeline we go back 10 years to when Hannah met April and the days leading up to her murder. I enjoyed the pace of this one and liked how the mystery unfolded. One of my only complaints about this story is I really would have liked a little bit more from Will’s perspective. We know a little bit about him from both timelines but I feel like there was a little more we could have had from him.

Everything For You by Chloe Liese – Reread – 5 Stars I was in the mood for Oliver and just needed to reread this one. It was just as good as the first time!

Rules of Redemption by T.A. White – 4 Stars I loved this book and it started me down a rabbit hole of space operas! I have been a fan of space operas for years and after reading Jessie Mihalik’s new series it got me wanting to find more so I found a good reads list and picked Rules of Redemption. I am so glad I picked this one up as it was just what I wanted. Kira has been living as a scavenger on the outskirts of space when she runs into trouble that sets her down a path she never wanted to go back too. This book was the perfect blend of space politics and fighting as well as romance and I was here for it! Can’t wait for book 4 to come out next month.

Below Zero by Ali Hazelwood – 4 Stars Rounded up from 3.5 – This was the last of the three stem novellas and it was my second favorite of them. These stories are not great but they were still entertaining to listen too.

Things We Do In The Dark by Jennifer Hillier – 3 Stars This story is a little hard to describe as we have a woman convicted of her husband’s murder but she says she is innocent but we soon learn that in her previous life she may have killed a friend of hers as well. The book is broken up into sections and this is a time where I found them distracting. I really enjoyed the first part where we follow Paris as she is arrested and we learn her history with her husband. But then in part 2 we not only go back in time but we also have a different point of view taking up the story. The going back and forth between timelines and perspectives really took me out of the story at times and I wold find it hard to pick it back up. Overall I liked the story that was told just not the style of it. Jennifer Hillier is still a fantastic writer and I highly recommend her books if you are looking for a thriller but her books do not shy away from heavy topics or descriptions so look into trigger warnings if they are needed.

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