Reading Round Up: June 21st – 30th Part 1

Hi Friends! Here is part 1 of my last reading round up for June!

The Change by Kirsten Miller – 4 Stars This book mixes many genres so it was hard to classify it. It is part mystery, part fantasy and part revenge story that follows three woman who after going through a change in their lives meet and decide to do something about a body they found on the beach. This was a fun story to read and highly recommend it if you are looking for something outside of the box.

Seven Days In June by Tia Williams – 2 Stars There is something done sometimes in books that will make me immediately dnf a book and this one had it towards the end. I did finish the book and was enjoying it up until that part but overall tis was a no for me. The book follows an author who reunites with a past boyfriend and we alternate between the seven days they spent together in the past and their current meet up. Thank you Grand Central Pub for my gifted copy for review.

Beach House Summer by Sarah Morgan – 4 Stars This was my first Sarah Morgan book and it won’t be my last! This was the perfect vacation read even though I read it at home and it blends romance with contemporary fiction so well! After the death of her celebrity husband Joanna is forced to return to her small coastal California town which she hasn’t been back to in over a decade. I loved the setting, the relationships and the romance in this one! Another great vacation read!

The Woman In The Library by Sulari Gentill – 4 Stars This is a story about a book within a book within a book about a woman writing a book! At first is was confusing but it slowly started to make sense. I really enjoyed the mystery we are following about a woman who was murdered in a public library and the 4 people who bonded over the experience. Thank you LibroFM for my gifted copy for review!

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