Reading Round Up: May 21st – 31st

Hi Friends! My last round up for May is pretty big! I read 9 books and dnf’d 2. Overall these were good with a few misses and a new favorite! How did the end of May go for you? Did you push through and get any last minute books in?

Dead Silence by S.A. Barnes – 4 Stars I started this one on audio book but wasn’t a fan of the narrator so I switched to the e-book and I am so glad I did. This is the story of a small space crew who find a missing pleasure ship and what happens to them when they try to bring it back to the authorities. I really liked the idea of a haunted space ship and while it gave me that I wish it would have just given me a little more at the end. Still a fun read and I am excited to pick up more books in the future by S.A. Barns

Lessons In Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus – 3 Stars This was described as being similar to Where Did You Go Bernadette which is one of my favorite books but in the end I felt like it read more like The Maid minus the mystery. I really enjoyed listening to this one and though the narrator was great but the ending left me wanting more. TW’s for sexual assault and child neglect.

Tear Down The Throne by Jennifer Estep – 3 Stars After loving book one in this fantasy series I was excited for book 2 but sadly this was just boring and way too much on politics which is not my favorite thing in a fantasy book. Hopefully book 3 will be better.

Wicked Beauty by Katee Robert – 4 Stars Originally I gave this a 3 but as I am still thinking about it and the characters I decided to bump it up to a 4 star! This is the third book in the Dark Olympus series by Katee Robert and in this one we are following Helen who has decided to take fate into her own hands and try for the position as Ares. To get the position, Helen must survive and win a series of challenges along with the other contestants among them is Achilles and Patroclus. Achilles has his life all mapped out, he will win the contest become the next Ares, marry Helen and him and Patroclus will continue in their happy life but when Helen turns out to be more than they realized can he keep his life on the track that he wants. Katee knows how to tell a great story and keep her readers fully engaged whether it was the intense action scenes or the moments between Helen, Achilles and Patroclus I could not put this one down! I loved their story and how it was woven together and I can’t wait to see what is next for the people of Olympus! This book does get rather spicy and explicit and is about the three of them. I really loved Patroclus and my heart ached for him at times but the ending was really good and I can’t wait for more! Thank you so much Sourcebooks Casablanca for my gifted copy for review!

The Friendship Pact by Jill Shalvis – 3 Stars I am a huge fan of Jill Shalvis and usually love her books so much but sadly this one fell a bit short for me and I really think it was a timing problem for me. After the devastation in Texas I really wanted something that would make me feel better so I went looking for a comfort read and thought this one would be good. While this is a romance so you know you are going to get a happy ever after the book itself had some heavier topics in it that just didn’t give me the spirit lift that I was looking for. This book follows Tae who is an event planner and works with an outdoor company that specializes with people with disabilities. On the night of a big event she runs into the owner’s brother as well as her old high school friend, Riggs. Riggs is only in town to spend a few weeks with his brother before leaving for a new job in DC but when he runs into Tae his plans start to change. This was at it’s core a great second chance romance that gave me all the feels but I think it would have been better for me if I had read when I was in a better frame of mind. Still can’t wait for Jill’s next book as she is an auto buy author for me. This one is out June 14th! Thank you Get Red PR and William Marrow Books for my gifted copy for review!

Hide by Kiersten White – 3 Stars Another book that I was super excited for but was let down by it. This is a thriller/horror that takes place in an abandoned amusement park and the author did a great job of making it feel creepy. There are 12 contestants who are chosen for a week long game of hide and seek n the park but we soon realize that there is more going on then just the game. My biggest complaint for this was the random pov’s from all the contestants, they would just kind of pop up out of nowhere and it really took me out of the story. Overall still a fun book if you are looking for something short and thrilling.

Go Hex Yourself – 2 Stars I listened to this one on audio and I honestly think thats why I didn’t really like it. The narrator for the male pov was just not my favorite. Also at times the sexual thoughts and dialogue seemed to come out of nowhere and I found that very jarring while listening. If you are liking the new trend of paranormal romances in a modern setting then you might enjoy this one and I think I will be skipping books with this narrator in the future.

The Arctic Fury by – 3 Stars I was really looking forward to this one because it was about all female expedition to the Arctic looking for a lost ship and I love stories set in the arctic. However, this one flip flops between the present where our main character is on trial for the murder of one of her companions and then in the past when they started the expedition. I really just wanted more of the expedition and was disappointed when the books was only about 50% of that. I also felt like there was a few plot points that just got glossed over and had no real impact of the story and I am not sure why they were even in there. Overall not bad read just not my favorite. If you know some good adventure books set on mountains orin the arctic let me know below!

The Homecoming King by Penny Reid – 5 Stars I completely forgot about this book until on of my friends on instagram read it and loved it so I immediately started it and I am so glad I did. Penny’s writing is fantastic and this one was just so good. It reminded me of The Wall of Winnipeg but with a lot more steam! If you love Penny’s books then this one is a must!

Satisfaction Guaranteed – DNF I have tried this book a few times and even had a buddy read this month but I just could never get into the main characters!

A Rip Through Time by Kelly Armstrong – DNF A Rip Through Time sounded like a book I was really going to like, it was a time travel book that had a modern detective transported to Scotland in 1869. However, I have learned that when I read a time travel book I want the person to be themselves transported back in time not their conscience put into someone else’s body. I always get an ick factor when this happens because I feel like it’s a violation of the original body. Mallory, our main character is in Scotland visiting her sick grandmother when she hears a woman in distress, deciding to intervene she somehow gets sent back in time and into another person’s body who was also being assaulted at the same time. When Mallory wakes up she is not sure what happened but soon learns she has a new name and is a maid for the local undertaker. Mallory then tries to solve the case of what happened to her and also of the person she now embodies. As I said I really struggled with the fact she was in someone else’s body as well her deciding to play detective while also being a servant. I felt like we also spent way too much time with her inner monologue and her trying out different old timey words. Overall I just couldn’t continue with this one and decided to dnf it. If you have read this and think it’s worth a read let me know in the comments below! Thank you Minotaur books for my gifted copy for review!

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