Reading Round Up: May 11th – 20th

Hi Friends! I am feeling so proud of myself for having my round up go up in a timely fashion! I read 6 books and dnf’d 1 that I may go back to at a later date. Im not sure I can really pick a favorite for this round up but if I had to I would say Under The Southern Sky. I am currently reading a contemporary fiction, a fantasy, a sci-fi horror and a historical fiction so my next round up should be more diverse in genres.

Under The Southern Sky by Kristy Woodson Harvey – 4 Stars Kristy Woodson Harvey writes books that get me in the feels and Under The Southern Sky was no different! This story follows Amelia as she navigates her life in a new direction while also connecting with her childhood friend Parker. Parker is also still struggling with the death of his wife by Amelia offers a nice distraction and maybe a way that he can finally move on. Be warned though if you pick it up I cried numerous times. There are many trigger warnings with this one and if you have any with having babies or giving birth or cancer then I would look into those. Great book to read while on vacation or just lounging in your home.

Ever Summer After by Carley Fortune – 4 Stars My friend over on instagram recommended Every Summer After when I asked for people’s last five star read so I decided to give it a go. This book was also hitting me in the feels and I was reading it at the same time as Under The Southern Sky. This story is a second chance romance for childhood sweetheartsPersephone and Sam. It is told from the summers they spent together and in the present when Persephone must go back to the lake for Sam’s mothers funeral. I also want to say that there is one character in this book who I felt got kind of wronged and I would have loved to have more of their story. If you don’t mind an emotional book this one would make a great summer read.

The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare – 4 Stars This was a re-read and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time. We follow Emma who is a seamstress and The Duke of Ashbury as they get married for convenience and must learn how to navigate their new lives. Ashbury is such a grump and I was here for it the entire time! After being scarred on the face during the war he thinks he is not worthy of love but Emma sees through that and must get him to see it too. If you enjoy historicals or a grump than be sure to check this one out.

Adult Assembly Required by Abbi Waxman – 4 Stars This book was so fun and I didn’t even realize we get characters from previous books!! I always love when we get revisit favorite characters and see what they are up to, we get glimpses from characters in The Bookish Life of Nina Hill and The Garden of Small Beginnings. In this books we follow Laura who recently moved to LA for grad school and is trying to figure out if everyone has their life together or is just her failing. Along the way she meets Polly and Nina as well as Handsome Bob not to mention her new house mates who may all be living illegally in a rented house. I really enjoyed this one and Laura felt very relatable at times with trying to figure her life out! 

Something Wilder by Christina Lauren – 4 Stars. This book felt very different than other’s by Christina Lauren, at one point I gasped because I was so surprised it was in one of their books! That being said I had so much fun reading this book but did feel like the middle kind of dragged for a bit. This story follows Lily Wilder who’s father was a famous treasure hunter and was an expert on Butch Cassidy. Lily is working in Utah giving tourist trail rides when she runs into her old love and things go crazy after a few days on the trail. This is a second chance romance and while they are not my favorite I think this one worked pretty well. I also really enjoyed the treasure hunting aspect of the book. Great summer/vacation read!

A Lady For A Duke by Alexis Hall – 4 Stars Rounded up from a 3.5, overall I really enjoyed this book but it was a tad too long and very slow! This story follows Viola who is a lady’s maid to her sister in law after being severely wounded in the war and deciding to finally live her life as her true self. After getting word that her childhood best friend, The Duke of Gracewood is not doing well after returning from the war she and her sister in law decide to go and visit him. What follows is a beautiful and heartbreaking story of the love that Viola and Gracewood have for each other. The audio narration was excellent for this one! Thank you Librofm and Forever for my early copy for review!

Night Shift by Alex Finlay – DNF I just couldn’t get into this one so it is a DNF for now but I may try again another time. I did really enjoy the very short chapters!

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