Reading Round Up: February 21st – 28th

Hi Friends! I feel like I am doing good getting my last round up for February in the first week of March! I finished 7 books in this last 7 days because most of these I was taking my time reading because they were going very slowly for me. The Soulmate Equation was my favorite and I am so glad I finally got to it.

The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren – 5 Stars I am so over the snow here in CO and this book made me jealous for San Diego in the spring! I have had this book since it came out last year but kept putting it off because I haven’t enjoyed their last few books. Why did I wait this long!!!! This one was so good and I literally read it in less than 24 hours. Now after reading a romance that is about a dating service that matches you based on DNA I feel like I need to read The One by John Mars and get the sci-fi take on it.

Capture The Crown by Jennifer Estep – 4 Stars I received Capture The Crown in an @unpluggedbookbox from July of last year and on one hand Im sad it took me so long but on the other I don’t have to wait as long for book 2! This is a fantasy book that follows a princess who moonlights as a spy and ends up in her enemies court and spends a lot of time with their prince! There is no steam in this book as it is a fantasy but there are hints of romance to come and I am ready for it! This one was a fun read and I am excited to read her next book.

Finlay Donovan Knocks ‘Em Dead by Elle Cosimano – 3 Stars  I was not a fan of the first book in this series and I was not going to pick up this one but I got the audio from the library. This book is cozy mystery like but also has some steam. This follows a woman who is a struggling author and has two small kids and gets mistaken as a contract killer and hilarity ensues from there. I thought the last 20% made this book enjoyable and will probably pick up the next one because of fomo.

A Fate of Wrath & Flame by K.A. Tucker – 3 Stars I liked the beginning and again the last 20% was enjoyable but the middle slogged hard! This is a fantasy romance but is way more into the fantasy than the romance. It follows a woman who gets transported to another realm that is not set in the modern world and the body she gets put into looks like hers but she had just killed the ruling couple and has started a war. The premise was good I just didn’t like the way the world building was done. I will probably pick up the next in the series because of the ending.

Dial A For Aunties by Jesse Q. Sutanto – 2 Stars  Not a lot to say with this one except I don’t get it, was not a fan. A woman accidently kills her date and then gets the help from her mom and 3 aunts to get rid of the body. I felt like the character was immature and the premise just didn’t do it for me. This was also considered a romance but that was like maybe 10% of the book and some of that was flashbacks. Will not be continuing this series.

A Flicker In The Dark by Stacy Willingham – 3 Stars I had such high hopes for this one but wasn’t really wowed by it. This one follows Chloe who as a child saw her dad arrested and imprisoned for killing teenage girls and in present times is seeing the same thing happening again even though her dad is still in prison. I thought the writing was ok but the ending didn’t shock me and I needed a little more info on a few plot points. Over all it was good and I will probably pick up more from this author in the future. 

Love On The Lake by Helena Hunting – 4 Stars. I will say I enjoyed this one and will have a more in depth review during the blog tour.

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