Reading Round Up – January 11th – 21st

Hi Friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I have not read anything in days and honestly I feel ok about that. Im not in the head space right now and don’t want to pressure myself to pick up a book until I am ready too. However, I had some great reading for my second round up of the month! I had only one 3 star book and it still wasn’t a bad book just not for me.

The Sweetest Remedy by Jane Igharo – 4 Stars Hannah has never really known her Nigerian father or his family but when he passes she is asked to attend his funeral. With the encouragement from her mother, Hannah goes and finally gets to meet her 4 siblings and also reconnects with a handsome man she met briefly back home. I really enjoyed this story about Hannah and all her siblings, I hope we might get some stories about them! Audio book was also great, highly recommend!

How To Love Your Neighbor by Sophie Sullivan – 3 Stars Enemies to Lovers are always my favorite tropes in books and while this one was cute it was just ok. This one follows Grace who inherits her grandparents house and her next door neighbor Noah. Grace is finishing up her last semester of design school and is ready to start her next chapter in life but her neighbor Noah is making that difficult. Noah is used to getting everything he wants and he wants the house next door but Grace will not sell it to him. What starts off as a contentious relationship ends up being a woking partnership. Noah lands a spread in a Home Decorating magazine highlighting the renovations on his new house and Grace ends up as his designer. I really enjoyed the decorating aspects of this book but felt more meh to the main characters. I grew up watching Trading Spaces on HGTV and Grace and Noah with the help of their friends decide to do this in the book and it was one of my favorite parts in the book. Overall it was cute and fun but maybe not very memorable for me. Thank you St. Martin’s Press for my gifted copy for review.

Ramon and Julieta by Alana Quintana Albertson – 4 Stars I feel like this might be an unpopular opinion but I have never been a fan or Romeo and Juliet, even the movies but the premise of this one sounded really cute to me! Ramon is part of a huge corporation that is known for its restaurants called Taco King, his father started it years ago and now he is set to take over when his father retires. Ramon ends up buying a block of businesses in an area of San Diego when Julieta is the head chef of her families traditional restaurant. Ramon and Julieta have a chance meeting without realizing who the other is. The two decide to try and make their relationship work even knowing the difficulties ahead. I really enjoyed reading this one. I love Julieta and her family and all of the food descriptions! Highly recommend this one if you are a fan of Romeo and Juliet or cooking or even if you are not. Thank you Berkley for my gifted copy for review!

The Love Con by Seressia Glass – 4 Stars This was such a fun read but I will say also very frustrating at times. We follow Kenya who is in the final two on a costume making show as she has to go back home for 4 weeks to make her final project. Her best friend is helping her by pretending to be her fake boyfriend but his goal is to become her real one! I loved Kenya and Cameron’s relationship, they were so cute together! Again the audio book was great! If you are looking for books about plus sized characters or just love cosplay then check this one out!

Love At First Spite by Anna E. Collins – 4 Stars Im a sucker for enemies to lovers and this one did not disappoint! I started this one on audio but didn’t want to put it down so I bought the ebook and finished it in a day! This follows Dani who just recently ended her engagement after catching her fiancé cheating with their real estate agent. As a way to get back at him she decides to build an air bnb house right next door to his with the help of her two friends and hot but grumpy architect Wyatt. Love a good grumpy character! I really enjoyed this one!

Forever Lies by Kathleen Brooks – 4 Stars This is number 17 in the Forever Bluegrass series and follows Greer and Sebastian. I can’t say a lot about this one because it is so in depth with the series but I love it and I can’t wait for when we get new books in it. I will say these are very unbelievable romantic suspense with tons of comedy!! If you want good family stories with insta love and many quirky characters I would highly recommend this one.

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