Reading Round Up – October 21st – 31st

We Were Never Here by Andrea Bartz – 3 Stars This thriller was just ok. It follows 2 woman who travel every year together and for the past 2 years something has gone very wrong. Neither character is likable which is fine but I just found it hard to believe. Also the ending left me with so many questions! I did enjoy the writing style and will pick up more books from this author.

Heard It In A Love Song by Tracey Garvis Graves – 4 Stars Thank you @stmartinspress and @smpromance for my #gifted copies for review!! I LOVED Tracy’s book, Not The Girl He Used To Know so I was so excited to read her newest book!! This one did not disappoint! Our main character is dealing with a divorce and finding out what she really wants in life! Layla who is recently divorced starts to take a look at her life and starts taking things back that her husband slowly took away. Layla used to play in a band and turns a room in her basement into a make shift studio and starts to play again. Josh is separated from is wife of 20+ years and meets Layla while dropping his daughter off at school. The two form a friendship that slowly develops into more. Their journey’s were so great to read about! Not only as friends and then a couple but also individually as they both have things in their life that they need to work through. I really love her writing style and can’t wait to read more from her! Highly recommend checking this one out!!

Haunting of Maddy Clare by Simone St James – 5 Stars After reading Simone’s two newest thrillers I decided to go back and read her older titles. This one is a historical ghost story set in 1920’s England. This book was so atmospheric and a great read. Highly recommend this one if you are wanting a creepy ghost story.

An Inquiry into Love and Death by Simone St James – 3.5 Stars Another ghost story set in the 1920’s in England. This one wasn’t as good but still a great read!

Lumberjanes Vol 1 – 4 Stars Cute read about 5 girls who are at camp and the mysteries they get pulled into. Very entertaining and fun to read. Can’t wait to read more volumes.

Blood Stain Vol 1 – 4 Stars This is one of my favorite graphic novel series about a woman who is desperate for a job and takes one as an assistant to a doctor who is somewhat suspicious.

Cackle by Rachel Harrison – 3 Stars Very disappointed in this one. It is categorized as a horror/mystery book and really it was a contemporary with slight magical realism.

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