Reading Round Up: September 21st – 30th

Hello Friends! I am here with my last round up for the month of September. I have been really struggling with writing reviews for all the books I read and am trying to decide if I want to do something slightly different in 2022. I read 5 books and for the most part they were all good! I had one 2 star that I didn’t like but the rest were 4-5 stars. A Song Of Flight was definitely my favorite of the month.

A Song of Flight by Juliet Marillier – 5 Stars I say it all the time but I love this author! This is the third book in what I think is a trilogy, especially with the conclusion of this book but I could see another series being spun off from this one. We are following Liobhan as she deals with her older brother being injured and the prince he guards has disappeared and she is not allowed to help with the mission. Instead they send Dau who ends up working with Liobhan’s other brother, Brocc. I love this series and the bonds that are formed by the soldiers as they go on their missions. I also love Liobhan and Dau so much!

Heir To Sevenwaters by Juliet Marillier – 4 Stars This one was a re-read for me and I enjoyed it just as much as the last time I read it. This is book 4 in the Sevenwaters series and we are following Clodagh as she enters the realm of the Fair Folk to try and save her newborn baby brother Finbar with the help of one of the soldiers that Bran created back in book 2 named Cathal. I love how Juliet Marilier weaves romance with stories with personal growth of all the characters. I can’t say enough good things about these books!

The Dating Plan by Sara Desai – 4 Stars I am sad that this one took me so long to finally get too. It was a January 2021 BOTM pick but it was a really cute romance. We are following a character that was introduced in the first book but they do not need to be read in order. This one involves a second chance romance between college sweethearts and also has them fake dating! Im excited to read the next one by this author which comes out in November.

Portrait of A Scotsman by Evie Dunmore – 2 Stars I really enjoyed the first two books in this series but this one just really fell flat for me. I was not invested in either of the main characters and actually disliked the main female character through most of this book. I didn’t understand the ending at all and after buddy reading this one and hearing their points of view I kind of understand what the author was trying to do but for me it just fell flat.

A Good Day For Chardonnay by Darynda Jones – 4.5 Stars I ran out and bought this one the day it came out but didn’t get to it till now. I was so happy to get back to Sunshine and her friends, family and coworkers! This series follows Sunshine who is the sheriff of a small town in New Mexico. In some ways this feels like a cozy mystery but it is a little graphic at times and also has steamy scenes. I am loving this series and I need book three now because of that last sentence!!!!!!

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