Springtime Book Tag

I saw this tag on Heather from Bookables youtube channel and I though it would be a fun easy tag to do. The original can be found on Little Wolf’s channel .

How do you decorate your bookshelf?

I don’t really decorate my shelves seasonally. I tend to put up what I like and keep it there till something new comes along that I like more.

Recommend a book with beautiful nature description.

I am going to go with Nalini Singh’s A Madness of Sunshine. This book is all about the nature descriptions and she does an amazing job with getting the setting just right. Also the cover is just stunning.

Show us a book with a beautiful cover, Spring is about fresh starts, great time to start a series, what would you recommend?

Both of these covers make me think of spring. Next Year In Havana’s cover is so pretty and pastel which always gives me spring vibes! This is the first in a series of 4 so far and only the first two should be read in order. They all follow different woman who are from Cuba but set in different times and the struggles they go through.

The second cover is The Forever Girl by Jill Shalvis. This is book #6 in the Wildstone series but it can be read out of order because thats what I did. This book is about second chances and learning to move on with life. Great for a Springtime read.

It’s almost time to start reading outside, have you been brave enough?

Not yet! In Colorado our Spring doesn’t really come till May and even then we still get snow then sometimes as well. But once it’s nice I can’t wait to put my hammock back up and read in it.

Spring cleaning, what are some books you’re planning to unhaul?

I do unhauls very regularly I just never document them. I probably get rid of a bag of books every few weeks.

Follow up, which ones will you replace them with?

I replace them with all kinds of books! Check out my thrift hauls if you are interested!

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