The TBR Book Tag

I saw this tag on BookBeforeULeap’s blog and thought it looked like fun! The tag originated from A Perfection Called Books.

How do you keep track of your TBR pile? – I have a few shelves on. my bookcase that I dedicate to my unread books. I also have a TBR cart next to my reading chair for the ones I want to get to sooner rather than later.

Is your TBR mostly print or ebook? – Mostly physical books but I do have a fair amount of unread ebooks.

How do you determine which book from your TBR to read next? – Im a mood reader so I tend to chose that way which is why I like to have them right next to me.

A book that’s been on your TBR the longest. – Someday, Someday Maybe by Lauren Graham. I bought this when it was first released but have never picked it.

A book that you recently added to your TBR. – I just Sandhya Menon’s new book on Valentines Day. Im so excited to read, its a Beauty and the Beast retelling! Plus I get to see her tonight at a signing!!

A book on your TBR strictly because of its beautiful cover. – I can’t think of a specific one because a lot of my purchases are cover buys.

A book on your TBR that you NEVER plan on actually reading. – Probably Someday, Someday Maybe.

An unpublished book on your TBR that you are excited about. – Too many! Megan Miranda, Chanel Cleeton and Lyssa Kay Adams all have books coming out soon that I can not wait to read.

A book on your TBR that basically everyone has read but you. – Beartown by Fredrick Backman

A book on your TBR that everyone recommends to you. – Anything by Gillian Flynn

A book on your TBR that you are just dying to read. – The Wives by Tarryn Fisher

The number of books on your Goodreads TBR shelf. – 1303

Until Next Time, Happy Reading!

Published by Becky Lewis

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Becky and I am a Real Estate Agent/Stay At Home Mom and I live in the beautiful state of Colorado with my husband, two kids, dog and cat. I am an avid reader and read on average 2-3 books a week. I started my blog because I needed a place where I could talk about books and put down my thoughts on all things book related.

6 thoughts on “The TBR Book Tag

  1. I’m there with you on not having read Beartown yet but everyone has been gushing about it so I am looking forward. πŸ™‚ I enjoyed reading your answers! 😊


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